03 March 2009

Parting Thought

Posting has been light because of the semester break. I will resume posting in early April. As a parting shot, I wanted to share a little something from the website of my local paper, which recently had an insert on Barack Obama. The following survey question was on the website for the newspaper:

Gibt Obama auch Ihnen Zuversicht?
Ja. Ich glaube, dass er überzeugende Antworten auf die globalen Probleme des 21. Jahrhunderts hat.
Nein. Er wird sich wie fast alle US-Präsidenten um amerikanische Interessen kümmern - um nichts weiter.

So let me get this straight, Obama and all past Presidents are judged by how well they have tackled global problems? If they have instead opted to tackle the problems facing the people who actually elected them, they are seen as merely protecting American interests and nothing more? Is this really a fair question? Not surprisingly, 85% of respondents opted for "Nein."