29 June 2017

Executive Privilege: A Primer

The National Constitution Center recently posted a piece on Executive Privilege that is a must read for my students in Introduction to U.S. Law and Fundamentals of Constitutional Law. As students will remember, Executive Privilege allows the President and his advisers to keep their conversations private. Of course, like many of the things we have talked about in class concerning executive power, President Trump has made this once boring topic come to life. As the National Constitution Center writes:
Currently, the Trump administration has requested that a federal district court based in Detroit consider an executive privilege claim related to memos prepared by Trump campaign adviser Rudy Giuliani about an alleged Muslim ban – written before Trump became President. The request is under consideration.

27 June 2017

Breaking Presidential Ties

Here is a nice review for students in my Fundamentals of U.S. Constitutional Law and Introduction to U.S. Law courses. It touches on what happens when no one gets a majority of the votes in the Electoral College. If students understand the prior sentence, they are in good shape for the exam!