29 October 2013

The Infamous McDonalds Coffee Case

Perhaps one of the most misunderstand stories of the American legal system and American legal culture.

28 October 2013

Quid Pro Quo?

A report recently released by the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism finds that judges in Wisconsin tend to rule in favor of attorneys who gave them campaign donations. Wisconsin, as you might have already gathered, is one of those states that elect their judges. And as you also might know, campaign donations play an enormously important role in the modern American electoral system.

19 October 2013

The Impact of European Law on England

The impact of European law, in this case a ruling from the ECHR, EU law, and English law was on full display last week as the UK Supreme Court ruled that a right to vote for prisoners does not exist. An earlier ruling by ECHR said that a blanket ban on voting rights for prisoners, like the one that exists in England, violates European human rights law, but the UK Supreme Court refused to enforce this right in the United Kingdom. The BBC, Guardian, and Euro News have more.

15 October 2013

Getting Before the Supreme Court

Having your case heard before the United States Supreme Court is no easy task. In fact, as this USA Today article points out, its down right almost impossible.