11 January 2012

Using Google to Choose a Jury

The selection of a jury in the United States can be a complicated matter. In fact, it can at times look like a game. As more and more Americans make information about themselves available via social networks and the like, it was bound to happen sooner or later that clever lawyers would start conducting Google searches on prospective jurors. But is it OK for lawyers to google jurors during jury selection? Recently a New Jersey court answered the question affirmatively.

08 January 2012

Stille Nacht an Currywurst mit Grünkohl

I forgot to post this link to an article that Die Zeit ran before Christmas about the revival of interest in German culture among Americans. Since then I have read a few more articles in Die Zeit along the same lines. Anyway, my students studying American law may find this short article to be a nice diversion.

07 January 2012

Is A Disgraced Reporter Morally Fit to be A Lawyer?

This is the question currently in front of the California Supreme Court concerning the law license application of Stephen Glass, a former reporter for the New Republic magazine who was fired in the late 1990s after it was discovered that he fabricated most of the articles he wrote for the magazine. The San Francisco Chronicle has more on this fascinating question of how morally fit must one be to practice law in California.