07 December 2017

Old School Cease and Desist

Students taking my common law courses recently heard me talk about the various steps involved in getting a case heard before the court. As I told students, before parties even contemplate filing a lawsuit in the United States, informal communication will sometimes take place in the form of demand or cease and desist letters. It is rather unusual that the topic of cease and desist letters is covered by the media, and even more unusual for the coverage of such to be entertaining. But every once in a while the stars line up and such coverage occurs just when I am discussing the topic in class.

The American website Digg.com has more:
Modist Brewing Company, a microbrewer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota, just released a Double IPA called "Dilly Dilly," referencing a nonsense phrase coined and trademarked for a series of Bud Light ads. The Bud Light people stepped in with their warning — a decree from a King's messenger: